Hello, I’m Rachel Miera an intuitive, energy healer and esthetician. I help women tap into their true beauty and creativity through healing techniques and beauty treatments and teaching. As a creative soul, I have a fascination with beauty and pull much of my inspiration from nature. Growing up in Colorado I’ve had the most beautiful nature around me such as the colorful Rocky Mountains and glorious orange sunsets!

More About Me…

I’m a mother to a handsome young man who makes me very proud.

I love dogs and animals.

My spirit animal is a wolf.

My hobbies include hiking, reading, listening to music, dancing, yoga, going to concerts, traveling, crafting and painting.

I’m obsessed with magic and everything woo woo!

Favorite quote “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

I’m officially addicted to Pinterest! Follow me here www.pinterest.com/rachelmiera

My favorite nature spots are the mountains and the beach.

My favorite foods are strawberries and burgers. I also love hot sauce and salsa. I always need a bottle of hot sauce with my meals.


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