Why Energy Healing is Good for the Skin

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a safe addition to techniques used in facials. Everything is energy. Energy healing is a holistic practice that helps to restore balance and flow of energy within the body to promote the recipients self healing abilities. The practitioner does not need to touch the client and can do long distant or remote sessions. The practitioner’s role is to be a conduit to assist others in remembering how to access their own body’s wisdom and healing energy. This helps the clients to shift into a more positive mind body and spirit moving forward. Energy healing can be described as an act of intention for a desired outcome. It offers support in allowing ourselves to connect to our inner source and vibrancy.

How does energy healing benefit the skin?

The benefits of energy healing include reducing stress, enhancing self awareness and promoting emotional wellbeing. As a bonus all of these things are also good for your skin and can lead to glowing renewed skin. Activating relaxation also helps to improve skin cell regeneration. An energy healing infused facial treatment will not only leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing but can also help create a sense of clarity, peace and uplift your spirit, which also benefits the physical look of your skin. In my practice I have experience with different energy healing modalities and tools that allow me to customized my clients experience based on their current energetic and skin care needs. This includes crystals and even skin care tools like crystal rollers. LED treatments can also be a form of energy healing through color. Facial massage helps to move stagnant energy by releasing tension in the face and promotes flow and rejuvenation. Sound healing through things like singing bowls I often use to help clients get into a relaxed state. I also show clients how to incorporate energy healing in their own at home skin rituals.

Energy healing is a wonderful and safe way to to give yourself some rejuvenation. If you would like a glow that radiates from the inside out schedule your facial at Miera Image.

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