Embracing Your Authentic Style

At an early age I learned to swallow my voice and blend in. I worked hard to fit in as a way to protect myself from rejection. Blending in often meant dimming down and modeling mediocrity. I followed all the rules. I people pleased. I worked hard to get everything I was taught to want. But it was all artificial. I had turned into a version of what others wanted me to be and what I thought I needed to be to others. As a result nothing truly glowed in my life and I struggled to find people to create meaningful relationships with.

I worked so hard at being accepted that I had created this persona but then I realized that this wasn’t true acceptance either. My life felt stagnant and dull and I reached a point where I could not longer deny my truth. I craved vibrancy and authenticity in my life. It was time to embrace my own style and creative voice. I decided to approach this with lots of creativity and have fun. I enjoyed the process of discovering what I truly desired. I also had to grieve what I was letting go, face my fears and get comfortable with setting boundaries. This was not alway easy. Many people walked away from me due to my boundaries or not liking who I was becoming. Regardless, I slowly began to feel alive again. I began to love my own company. I stopped focusing on trends and began to focus on creating what brought me joy. So much of what I thought I liked I didn’t actually like at all. As I transformed my life my appearance began to reflect the beauty I was creating. I finally came to accept that I am a completely unique, worthy being that has a place in this world just by being me!

If you can related to my story I am here to encourage you to stop worrying about blending in. Dare to embrace your authenticity. Don’t just follow trends. Embrace your own style and creativity. Let it flow from deep within. Some will be inspired by you authenticity and others will be triggered. You may lose people as a result and I understand how painful that can be. I also know that staying true to your authenticity will open you up to attract those that will appreciate you for you.

“Style isn’t a trend it is your unique creation.”

If you are looking for some support in your journey to authenticity I offer intuitive readings for inner and outer glow-ups. These readings help to inspire your creativity from within and offers a safe space to play and explore your unique style and authentic being. Readings are offered both in person and online!

Shine on,

Rachel Miera


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