Things to Consider Before Hiring a Life/Spiritual Coach.

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of life and spiritual coaches who want to help you in some way. So what should you first consider before hiring a coach? I personally have had experience being both a student and teacher. Through my experiences I learned a lot about the industry. This information is based on my experiences. Ultimately check in with what feels right to you.

First I think it’s important to have a clear intention for what you desire for yourself. A coach/teacher/mentor’s main priority should be to help inspire you to achieve that intention. They must also be able to distinguish between what can be learned and what must be realized from within. Having a clear intention will help you when deciding what coach is right for you. A good coach will also let you know if they believe they are a right fit for you based on your intentions and desires.

Make sure your coach is trained or has expertise in what you want to accomplish. This one relates to the first suggestion as you need to have clear intention to know what you want to accomplish. Is your coach more successful as a coach then they are or were in what they are offering? If they don’t have expertise in what you want to accomplish they may not be very helpful in getting you there.

There are many coaches who also share their ‘big figure incomes’ in their marketing to show their success. I’m not saying this is good or bad but keep in mind that big figure incomes do not always equal success, being a good coach or having expertise. There may also be other unseen factors that went into that figure or it may not be consistent income. You also don’t know how long it could have taken them to achieve that income, the work they put in or the help they’ve had along the way. I see money as tool. We are often told to focus on the money but why do you want money? I like to focus on the desire and stay open to all the tools (including money) that will make that desire a reality. Success means different things to different people. Having a clear intention will help you define what success means for you and help you align with a coach that has achieved that success or something similar.

Beware getting caught up in an endless coaching cycle. Here is an example. Say someone joins a coaches new program. During the program they feel on top of the world and truly believe that anything is possible. But once the program ends and they integrate back into their real life they may realize that nothing has actually changed. They then search out the next offer to recreate that feeling and the cycle continues. This is beneficial for the coaching industry as it keeps you investing over and over. Much like money a coach is only a tool in helping you to reach your desires. There were times when I thought I needed to invest in a coach but really I needed to create a good savings, invest in self care, travel and adventures that added more fun into my life. Again having clarity in your desires can help you get on the right path to what you need whether it is a coach or something else.

A good thing to look for in a coach is one that operates from their authenticity and works ethically. Avoid coaches that position themselves to look more “superior” or “enlightened” then others. These kind of coaches typically operate with an over inflated false sense of confidence and superiority. True confidence does not put you above anyone else. I especially see many spiritual coaches claiming they have special access to higher dimensional beings and spiritual activations that you can only get through “their program”. In my opinion anyone who tells you this is undermining your personal power. As long as you are working ethically nobody’s spiritual practice is better or more enlightened then another’s. Many systems are often repackaged in shiny new wrapping and marketed as something new. When working with a spiritual coach or any coach it is important to use your discernment. We all have access to the information that will help us on our human journey. Practicing awareness alone can unlock so much within you. Checkin to what feels true for you. What worked for their life path may not work for yours. What I have found is most people aren’t looking for actual answers. They are looking for confirmation of what they already know within themselves. The truth is you are awareness. We all have access to enlightenment through our awareness. Nobody has special access to enlightenment over anybody else. Realizing you are awareness is enlightenment. Following the spiritual path does not need to be complicated. Important aspects of my spirituality involves practicing awareness, practicing ethically, and setting healthy boundaries and protections. I also believe it is important to embrace the human experience and not see it as separate or inferior to the soul experience.

We are all here for a human experience. Nobody leads a picture perfect life. Not even the most shiny coaches. You are here to live and create a life meaningful to you and only you. There is no need for a dependency on being coached or needing to have all the answers. When you need guidance or crave new inspiration then find a coach aligned with your intentions. Stay true to what keeps you aligned with your true desires for your life. Problems typically stem from needing the answers. Let go of finding purpose in the answers. Live your life according to your desires. Relax in the realization that living your life according to you is purpose and that is a beautiful thing.

Rachel Miera

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