Do you Struggle with Self Love?

I’ve worked within the beauty industry in some form starting at the age of 18. While I have much passion and love for this field there was a part of me that did not feel aligned within the beauty industry. I eventually realized I was unhappy with the beauty standards it put on myself and others. It bothered me how it is designed to profit off insecurities. I felt I could not fully enjoy the things that brought me to the industry to begin with.

Eventually I became licensed in Esthetics and opened my own practice rooted in energy healing modalities. It was important to me that my clients felt good on the inside as well as the outside. I often promoted self love and acceptance. What I didn’t realize is that both ‘unattainable beauty standards’ and ‘the self love movement’ are 2 sides of the same coin. They are both apart of the beauty industry and they feed off each other.

Beauty standards are always changing and will always be unattainable. Although some may get close, when the standard changes they are left with a new mark to hit. Often to fit into the standard people will get procedures that they aren’t fully aligned with. Self acceptance/love is another standard on the opposite scale. It can create guilt or shame within us if we fail to fully love and accept our flaws.

We live in a reality where beauty standards exist and it’s likely not going to change anytime soon. What we do have is the power to change our perspective. Beauty does not exist other than in society’s reality. Society created the idea of beauty. Beauty is limiting. Beauty puts you in a box instead of letting you live and exist in your own expression. They say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ but someone’s idea of beauty can be influenced and manipulated. Beauty standards are used to create insecurities and separation. The more insecurities the more profits can be made off these insecurities and the need to fit in. The industry is constantly creating new trends and standards to fit into. Then we are given a choice to either find a way to change ourselves or accept what we are told is flawed. Neither are ever aligned with our authenticity. If beauty doesn’t exist then the flaws it creates doesn’t exist either. There is nothing that proves that a flower is beautiful. You’ve been told that the flower is beautiful but really it is just existing in its essence. It does not care that it is labeled beautiful yet we appreciate it anyway.

Since I stopped putting importance on the beauty label I began trusting my body more and its appearance. I released any guilt or shame around my self love. I’m enjoying creating my style and playing with makeup and skin care. I receive ‘beauty’ treatments that I am aligned with and listen to my body. Our bodies and cells are extremely intelligent but we so often sabotage their progress. I’m not against or in judgement of any treatments or procedures and don’t view them as good or bad. I believe it is up to the person to navigate their life and choose what works best for them.

I know for some this awareness will be beneficial. Especially for those who struggle with fitting in or self love. Or even those who are tired of changing who they are to fit a temporary standard.

Miera Image

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