Nature’s Key to Ageless

I love nature and love to be in it. I always show my appreciation to nature. When we treat nature with respect it gives so much to us in return.

I like to look in gratitude at what nature has provided me….

It provides me with delicious foods and healing nourishment. When I feel healthy and nourished inside it shows in my appearance.

Nature provides ingredients for the beauty and skin products that we use. My skin care is full of nourishing ingredients from nature. I love that nature provides these wonderful ingredients for our external body.

Whenever I feel stressed or confused I go to nature for clarity and grounding. Nature soothes my soul and reflects beauty.

Last nature teaches us the key to ageless by showing us how to flow through life with cycles of renewal rather then decline in time. Look at the trees for example. They go through cycles of release and renewal. Age does not change their magnificence. We are meant to be like the trees. Our body and cells are capable of renewal but often we focus on depletion and decline. We become ageless by letting go of our resistance and playing with the energy of flow and renewal.

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