Why I’m NOT Afraid of Aging

A woman sits in my chair for her makeup application. I ask her what look she wants today. She pauses for a moment then points to a near by photo of a girl in her early twenties. “Make me look like her,” she says. Ok what about her look do you like? She glared at the woman in the photo and exclaimed, “she’s young and I want to look young!” Then she continued with “Just wait until you are my age it will all be down hill from there!” I smiled and said don’t worry you will look amazing when we are done.

Truth is she already looked amazing. She was in her mid forties had gorgeous features and was absolutely stunning. I played up her features with makeup and helped to conceal the very few wrinkles she obsessed over.

Sadly many of the women in my chair tell me very similar things. I have had all ages in my chair and most of them complain about their age. Even my early twenties clients obsess over how old they think they are and dread the day they will turn 30.

Of course I’m guilty of age bashing myself in the past. Then I realized how ridiculous I sounded. Who was I to complain about being blessed with another year of life? Life is short and not everyone lives a long life. Why dread another year of being alive? That’s when I decided that I was never going to just age and be bitter. I am going to age gracefully and it is going to be a beautiful process.

“I never wanted to look young. I wanted to look great!” -Joyce Carpati

So how exactly does one age gracefully? I see women that are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years young and I think WOW what the heck is their secret they look amazing! Their secret is their view on life. They are enjoying every minute of life and this radiates through them in the form of beauty and youth. So the first step is being grateful for yet another year that we have been blessed to live. When we start appreciating how amazing it is to be alive then aging will not seem as scary.

Take care of your skin. As an esthetician I am all for taking care of your skin and using products to keep your complexion beautiful. Although don’t get too caught up in the hype of the latest and greatest miracle cream. Women will spend a fortune on the newest fountain of youth. Then when they don’t look 10 years younger after 2 days the product gets tossed in the graveyard of products under the sink. Then they are on to the next thing. Products take time to work and you won’t see results over night. Do research on products and ask an esthetician what products they recommend. If I am using a product on my skin and expect certain results I ask my product if it will kindly aid in helping me achieve these results. Yes this may sound a little crazy but putting out positive vibes never hurts anything.

Take care of your body. How you feel on the inside will reflect in your outward appearance. Eat what you love and what will nourish your body and soul. Do a form of exercise that you enjoy. Get a massage or facial. Doing things that make your body happy will show through.

DSC_8704 I am a wild woman I know, in spite of myself and in spite of what I’ve been told that there’s beauty in every age no matter how old. -Unknown

Wear pieces and clothes that you love! Wearing something fabulous that you love makes you look great at any age. Be creative with your style.

“There is no time limit to anything. When you look good you look good.” Ilona Royce Smithkin

Be creative and pick up a hobby that you enjoy. Taking time to do things you love strengthens your intuition and creativity. Do something fun that you enjoyed as a child like coloring or hula hooping.

Lastly embrace the NOW and don’t live in the past. It is ok to remember good times from your younger days but don’t let that stop you from having good times now! Make new memories and embrace your inner goddess who becomes wiser everyday.

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. -Betty Freidan


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